Ethiopian Gothic

March 2008 - This photo was in the first set of pictures we were sent from Ethiopia.
It's the one where we decided that this 'sibling set' would no longer be 'those poor children' but become 'our kids.' We analyzed it over and over again. We tried to read their true personalities through their eyes. And like most parents, we loved them before they knew we existed.

February 2010 I took this after a recent indoor soccer game. I still often get questioned about whether the kids are adjusting to America or not. One of these days I'm going to answer, "No, you know, they're really fighting it." The evidence; however, points to the contrary. And note how all the hard work Habtamu has put into his "totally unimpressed" look is finally paying off! (and yes, that's a deliberate pose on his part.)

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Windchimes said...

It's amazing how BIG they have gotten!!!