I don't think I like your tone...

Background Story: Last time we filled out the I-$685, they sent us forms for fingerprinting, that we were to take to the USCIS office at our convenience, during their business hours. Couldn't find the place. Its address was on route 59, BUT the building had its BACK to 59. The only reason we found it is because we turned in at the building to turn around, because we were sure we missed it AGAIN. Then, the lady taking our biometrics (called this, because "fingerprinting" is too understandable) was very mean, and was COMPLAINING ABOUT US, TO OTHERS. Um, helloooo, we’re standing right here.

So, we were expecting a similar “forms to demeaning experience” this time.

We got the forms on Monday. We are being summoned for fingerprints on this Saturday. If we miss the appointment, our claim will be considered abandoned. (Their words.) There was a little check box to reschedule. So, then I’m wondering, do I write in a new requested date? There’s an 800 number on the form to call with questions. Only it doesn’t really want to give you any answers. I dinked around for about 10 minutes going in and out of the long-winded menu options, before realizing that I was NEVER going to speak to a PERSON.

So, off to the Post Office to over-night mail the forms back. I suppose I could have done 2 day, but I felt better about over-night. Yeah… $16.35. Also, it took me 10 minutes of driving back and forth to find the local Post Office. What is it about Gov’t buildings being set WAY back from the road? Oh, there it is... next to the pizza place.

I suppose in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal, but it irks me how convoluted this whole system is. It must be so difficult for people from other countries to work the system. I was born here and I can barely work it.

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Nicola said...

That's so crazy. I understand all the background checking, homestudy, and that whole rig-a-ma-role, but why do they have to be so snotty about it? Families trying to adopt should be getting bent-over-backwards type service from the gov. to help them move through the process, maybe even a cheerleader. Instead, sass... and not the cute kind of sass...it's the nasty I'm dissing you to other people even though you're standing right there kinda sass. What the?! We'll be praying that the rescheduling goes smoothly.

Lovin' ya,
Nicola :)