It ain't just the paperwork... Part II

So for better or worse, my involvement with the clinic is done. Getting the TB tests into our file, but possibly hosing one of the best Notary's in the world left 'The only thing I needed to do today' as kind of a Pyrrhic victory. I look in the car seat next to me and take inventory. Returning the DVD can wait, post office is on the other side of town, I'm nowhere near a gas station, so I make the passports my next priority. A little extra credit always helps my mood.
I realize I'm about 3 blocks from our small town coffeshop/drugstore/photodeveloper so I make that my next stop. Focusing on the the task at hand I remembered that the reason Chris hadn't already made copies of our passports is because they had to be color. I also made the connection that picking up various drugs were on the honeydo list and that's probably why I was drawn to the drugstore in the first place. I walk in and ask if they have a color copier. I'm told they do not, but the "Shop with 'World in the name' across the street" did have one. Fine. I sift through a couple aisles of drugs, call Chris about 4 times with questions, and finally make my way to the checkout. At the counter I looked through the front window and quickly deduce that "PRINT WORLD" is next on my list.

So I walk into PrintWorld, slap the passports on the counter and say, "Well, I've got an easy one for you. I just need two color copies of these."

The guy just looks at me like I've got my shirt on inside-out and replies, "I can't do that."

"Why? I can see your color copier. It's right there."

"No, it's not that. It's illegal."

At this point my brain is trying to grapple itself out of the Catch-22 before it. Of course it's against the law. Why did I think I could just waltz in and photocopy a passport? Why does the Ethiopian government require illegal documentation? Where's the nearest self service color copier? All I can do is smile and defer to a higher power.

"Let me call my wife" comes out of my mouth.

(we have Nextels...)
*BEEP* "Hey, honey, I'm having a problem making copies of our passports."
*BEEP* "Really, what's the matter?"
*BEEP* "It's illegal and the print guy won't do it." At this point Mr. PrintWorld chimes in that it's probably even be a felony.
*BEEP* "WHAT? Did you tell him it's required for our dossier?"
*BEEP* "That doesn't make it any less illegal." Now behind me I hear PrintWorld Man debating with himself about whether we could use entrapment as a defense.
*BEEP* "Well I did it last time. I'll take it to Kinkos."
*BEEP* "Um, ok. ... ... love you."

I look up at Mr. Printer, thank him for his time and tell him that I will be back if I ever have any legitimate printing needs. He's laughing as I walk away, which is when I realize that I actually got excellent service considering I just asked him to commit a criminal act...

My other errands were a breeze after that.

So in conclusion...
-Our Notary DID catch the doctor and got our medical paperwork Notarized. Go Pam Go!
-And as it turns out, Chris had misread the 'copy the passport' line, and that a regular b/w photocopy was going to be sufficient (and felony-free!)
-It also turns out that I did indeed have my shirt on inside-out all morning.


Carrie said...

Oh my word! Thanks for the laugh.

Katherine said...

yes, I agree! Thank you so much for a much-needed laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.