TubercuLOsis. oOOoh. Good One.

We got our TB tests yesterday at the lovely and scenic Department of Public Heath. An Elmo video was cranking in the waiting room. It was LOUD. Note to self: No Elmo in the house. Ever. I was ready to puncture my own ear drums to make it stop! Luckily, we were called in just as I was raising the pen to my ear.

There is a sliding scale payment for getting tested. The Dr. (?) Nurse (?) who administered the test was apologetic about the fact that we'd have to pay full price. $28 each. In the grand scheme of adoption costs, this was one of the cheapest good times we've had. :)

Friday, we go back to have the results read. Woot. I'll bring the earplugs in case Elmo is in the Hizz-ouse.


Katherine said...

Elmo's not too bad! Teletubbies are worse! At least Elmo's educational!

Yarnsmith said...

All I could hear was whining. :)

Katherine said...

yeah, I guess it's kind of whiny. If you really want to see whiny, watch Bob the Builder stuff...

Nicola said...

Or, if you want to see some non-irritating shows check out our current rotation:
-Signing Time
-Charlie & Lola (BBC and really cute)
-Blues Clues (w/Steve, not Joe, and _really_ not Blue's Playhouse which is like Sesame St. on crack)
-Jakers! The adventures of Pigly Winks (CG set in Ireland, gotta love a duck with a brogue)
-DragonTales (which I like, but one of the voices is a little annoying. Mostly good though)
-Big Big World (okay this is on PBS and Bill and I like it, but the songs always make Alannah cry. It's the weirdest thing. She thinks the show is great, jungle animals, educational blah, blah, blah...song starts and she's bawling. I keep letting her watch a bit of it every few months to see if it's okay yet. lol, ugh)

DVDs work out waaaay better for us than the reg. TV option. That means I get to decide if I like it before we bring it into our home/Alannah sees it (and gets attached to a character). Once you zap past the 5 or 6 tracks of plugs for other shows there's no commercials, yay!

We have actually mostly phased out Dora for the yelling-ness and total lack of scientific regard of it. Blue's Clues and Charlie & Lola seem to have eased the transition. ;) I really wanna borrow some Muzzy language DVDs from the library, at least for Spanish. Gotta get on that. Latah! :)

Carrie said...

Dude, at least is wasn't Jerry Springer, or one of those "judge" shows.

Good thing you didn't have TB...they put you on 9 months of daily medication...which means 9 more lovely visits to the Dept. of P.H. (They'll only dole out one month of those black market meds at a time - heehee). I'm obviously a TB veteran...so can I NOT adopt now? :( I can pick a kid up, I promise.