ME: Show Me the Money! GOD: OK!

I recently started to get worried about money... of course, for all these past months Lee has been the worried one, but I was able to Poo Poo his fears, because "God will take care of us." and "That's why we have savings." Then I started to get worried about it, and "GWTCOU" is all well and good, but I didn't see how it was going to work.

We'll be going down to one salary indefinitely, we've got more adoption fees to pay. We've got savings, which used to look like a lot, but I was panicking, thinking "It's not going to be enough! Where can we get more money?" I was especially worried about the International Program Fee, because it's a big chunk of change. (For perspective, at this point, anything under $1,000 and we're like "Awesome! That's cheap!" ie: Vaccination Shots: $535. Awesome. Chump change.)

I was looking back through previous emails yesterday, trying to back them up and organize them, and get them out of our email which was filling up with all the attachments. I found the email that said "Now, x fee and your International Program Fee are due." And then it hit me, we've ALREADY paid that fee that I was all worried about. AND, we had money from friends and family in a fund that we forgot about. Between the 2 items, I found us about $10,000. That, my friends, is NOT chump change.

And I said to God, "Ok. I totally get it. This is your plan, you'll finance it. I don't have to worry about it."

We've had questions about how much adoption costs. Here's the fee list from America World for our program. Ours will be a bit more because of getting 2 children, but it's not DOUBLE those fees, thanks be to God.

Will we take any and all money offered toward our adoption expenses? Absolutely! But more than money, we covet your prayers to the Lord of all, because He is the one truly holding the purse strings, and He is very generous to his people.


Megan said...

The fee list makes me think of my Millikin bill.
That's cool that you found all that money just chilling. I can't wait to meet the kids when they get here!

Jori said...

I love the "chump change"! We are headed to shots on Wensday so now I feel better ... chump change! :)
Blessings, Jori
WFR 02/19 either x2