Our Daughter:

…as sweet as she is, she can sure go off on her brother! He will do something to bother her, and she will start speaking to him really high pitched, loud, and fast. It’s quite funny. For Easter, we took the children out for ice cream…Y., being such a little lady, eats her ice cream out of the cone with a spoon, and very slowly. Recently Y. said that she missed her parents…and she meant her parents in America, not her birthparents!

Today we cut out the photocopies of the dossier pictures. Y. and H. have them hanging beside their beds. As soon as Y. saw her mommy and daddy, she kissed the picture!

Our Son:

H. is such a little gentleman! He is always sweet and polite. He has a smile that is totally charming! For Easter on 4/27 we went to Nurse Fortuna’s house for dinner. H. ate 3 huge plates of food!!! Later on everyone was laughing about how much his stomach was sticking out. I think we can assume he is a big eater!


Carpenters said...

I'm so glad that Rachel was able to get these to you. How wonderful to hear more about the personalities of your children. I can't wait to see pictures.

With Love,

Yarnsmith said...

I can't wait to POST pictures! May 21!

Nicola said...

Sheesh, every time at look at your blog these days I find myself crying! They are very good, very joyful tears. I love those little verbal pictures of your children.

Last night Alannah and I were praying and she decided to pray her own prayer out loud, here's how part of it went,"...God lift up Chris and Lee, lift up their kids, lift up their kids, lift up their kids, and lift up their kids...". Not stuttering, just very sincere and not sure how else to say what she meant. :)

Much love,

Katherine said...

I can't wait to meet them! Sounds like they are great kids!

Ann said...

I love it!!! Such a great verbal window into their lives...how sweet she is to kiss your pictures...