They are ours!

Now that it's official according to Ethiopia, we can post photos...

Here is the 1st photo we saw of Habtamu and Yordanos, sort of a pre-referral. Based on the little information we received, and this photo, we asked for the full referral, because, you know, who WOULDN'T?

Here are the most recent ones of them opening our care packages:

I'll post more later. Just wanted you all to be able to see!


Paul & Holly West said...

Hey Travel buddy!

Your kids are SOOO beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! I am looking forward to meeting you and meeting them!

God Bless,

The McEvil One said...

OK, since people are claiming their "I get to do the first (insert item here) with your kids" whatever, I'm placing my reservation that I get to introduce them to the greatest table game ever: Air Hockey!!!

Yarnsmith said...

Air Hockey's yours, if you can beat the Martins to it! :) Jim's got dibs on the first Happy Meals.

Jori said...

So happy for you! Can't wait to see them with you. YEA, travel dates!!
Blessings, Jori
WFR 02/19 either x2

Julie Martin said...

What a great birthday present! If I remember correctly, you and Monique shared the same birthday...June 7th, correct? The kids are absolutely adorable and they look so happy. We will take any 'firsts' that are left...there will be so many! But, I know that when their tummies adjust to our food, there will be a party at the Martins' with some great eats!!


Ann said...

What beautiful smiles they have...loved the picture of them opening their gifts from you!!! Will anxiously await more pictures...especially the ones where you and Lee are with them!!!

Ali BG said...

Oh GORGEOUS. They look so serious in that first photo--just beautiful!

christophertadhankins said...

Hmmm... what firsts can the Hankins be involved with... I know.
First whiffle ball game. I'll take that! hey batta batta sa-WING!
I'm with Ann... can't wait to see pictures of all of you together.
Hope you had a good weekend in Michigan, I'm jealous of your lake ride!

Carpenters said...

Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you both. And to think that you will be traveling in less than two weeks! Have a great trip! I can't wait to see your first family photo.

With Love,

Rob & Candy said...

Oh my, you leave in less than two weeks! that's so exciting!
Congrats on your children.
candy (yg)

CARMEN said...

I'm really happy for you guys. The kids are "bellos" (beautiful)! You will make a great family. Goodbye electronic toys and welcome kids toys. ;-)
Carmen L

The McEvil One said...

can you type out their names phonetically???

I know what's like to go through life with people mispronouncing part of your name!!!

Beth Chavez said...

Congratulations, guys! I am so excited for you. They are precious. Good luck with the Ethiopian cooking. Once they are here they will probably want to go to McDonalds!