Adopt more?

We get the question from time to time if we will adopt again. I try not to look at the people like they are CRAZY, but my mind is going "WHA?!?!? Have you not been following the blog, and do you not see how ridiculously difficult this is?"

Also, turns out we adopted more than 2 children anyway... the following children also live with us: Notme, Notmine, What?, and Idontknow. It's funny how many things laying around the house belong to these children. Do you all have extra children, too?

Every handle and knob in the kitchen is sticky... I'm guessing it's one of those OTHER children, because I'm SURE Habtamu and Yordanos didn't do it. :)


Katherine said...

Hmm, those 'extra' children just might house hop... I think they might live here part-time too. And of COURSE your perfect angels didn't make the nobs sticky. Duh! It was those interlopers you brought home with you too, that you didn't know about!

Sue said...

Hey! Those extra kids live at my house too, and they are really sneaky! I can't ever quite catch them putting sticky fingers on our doorknobs, or taking the last ice cube and putting the empty tray back in the freezer, or stealing ONE sock from a pair, or eating the LAST cookie, or throwing clothes on the floor, or throwing wet towels on the floor, or getting toothpaste all over the bathroom, or . . . Dang, those kids are everywhere.
Sue L.

Anonymous said...

When we started out with our four, we naively thought "Hey...by the time we're 40 or so, they'll be off to college or whatever, and we could do this AGAIN!!". Seriously.

And now, at 40, the idea of 'starting over' is ...tiring to even think about and somewhat terrifying. I don't see it happening (but I'm not saying that too loudly, because, at the risk of sounding trite, God does seem to have a sense of humor about those kinds of things).

As far as the omnipresent layer of stickiness...yeah...that doesn't get better for a while. The one we have at home leaves a trail of jam behind him wherever he goes. I'm not quite sure how he manages it, but he does.

Anyway...good luck with yours and all the extras ;)