And Snow It Begins...

It's true. I have not been faithful to all the loyal bloggies out there. I've been holding out on you. Two weeks ago it snowed... well, we had light flurries, but it was the first time there was actual flakes and not little ice balls. And though I ran and grabbed the camera, I did not post. I really wanted to clean up the video first. You know, add music, soft focus, slow motion, lightsabers... just to heighten the emotion. Actually, I just wanted to trim it down. Anyway, Habtamu had already been out and came back in, so what you are seeing is real from Yordanos and the 'Daddy's got the camera and thou shalt not be upstaged' show from H. So so much for my Hallmark moment. There is a brief moment where he drops the act out of genuine awe, but I have to keep repeating the following mantra, "I'd rather deal with the clown than the bully. I'd rather..."
So without further ado:

And since Yordi kinda got hosed in this video, here's a bonus moment of silly brought to you by a little girl and a large coat:


small world said...

Etsegenet just got home Friday! I let her watch Y and H this morning! Lots of big smiles. Have your kids check out our blog and they will see E's photos at home!
Love,Theresa VanWetten

The McEvil One said...

Have you been letting H watch the Samurai Jack DVDs you copied from me???