So we went to Walgreen's to pick up photos from our photo shoot the other day. There was a note on the envelope saying "Need copyright release". The cashier explained it was because there were professional photos in the envelope.

"Oh, I took those," I said. (Probably smugly.)

"You took those?"

"Yep, right in my living room."

"Oh, ok. Otherwise we'd need a release."

"I'd be happy to sign anything you want, because I took them."

As we walked out the door, Lee said to me, "Can your ego fit through the door?"

And I answered, "Nope."


ethiHOPEia said...

Funny story!

Dustin, Nikki, Madison and Sage said...

Love it! How fun to get to enjoy being smug. It doesn't happen very often for me, but when it does, you have to make the most of it, right?! And besides, your photographs were wonderful!

Megan said...

You're amazing.
I miss you guys!

Jori said...

Hmmm ... sometimes you just gotta strut!! :):) A good ego burst does wonders!!!
love, jori

Julie said...

You rock! How fun!