And the Winners are....

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-11-12 13:58:10 UTC

4. Jim and Ryane, 8. Molly, 10. Karin, 19. Sharon K., and 26. Christine:

Please, send me your mailing address to yarnchrisATgmailDOTcom. (You know to replace the AT and DOT, right?) I promise not to do a thing with your address except send you your gift. If you don't want the gift, email me a "no thanks" and I will randomly pick another person.

You win one of these lovely crocheted snowflakes. Ha ha... see? No two are alike... get it? They were in their pre-starched form. I kept finding them and was unable to part with them, so they sat, wadded up like used Kleenex. I'll choose the snowflake for you. Thanks again for playing.

Yes, Sue L., I noticed that you entered twice. I'll let it slide THIS time. :)


Christine said...

YAY!! I WON!! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!!! I would just like to thank my Mom and oh yeah, that guy she married, my Dad and my third grade science teacher and of course God and my hero Yarnsmith.... LOL
This is actually great - I never decorate for Christmas because we are never home and this year we will be and I have my first decoration! Chris M.

sue said...

Sue L.

Katherine said...

sniff... I never win anything either... (JK!)