Tangible Progress

We've been working with Habtamu a lot with his anger issues. We keep talking about anger and what to do IF you're angry. And that we still love you and we're still family if you're angry. Mommy and Daddy get angry too. Everybody gets angry... it's what you do with your anger that is the key. And it's Mommy and Daddy's job to help you find good ways to deal with your anger. (And in our minds we're thinking, "Lord have mercy, please don't let him kick another hole in the wall, because we don't know what the heck we are doing.")

WELL, he thought of an anger outlet we hadn't. I doubt this would have worked if he hadn't thought of it himself. And, actually, it SHOULD have been so obvious to us, since it's what Lee and I do to get unstuck and get over things... we write.

Habtamu was asking me this morning, "How do you spell..." and "How do you spell...", and I was obliviously helping him. Making him try to sound it out. What's the next sound? What letter is that? Oooh, that's a funny English word. I'll spell it for you.

Then he presents me with this... and an apology from his own lips. What the? The part about bedtime was as far as he had until we got home from playing with friends. I had the nerve to tell him to shower again because he had mud in his hair. (Bike riding in the mud... mmmm.) He stomped around for 1 (?) minute, showered, came downstairs and wrote the next apology, and the lovely sentences for Mommy and Daddy.

Ok, and also... they've only been here 5 months. I think their writing and thought processes are AMAZING.

Not to be outdone, Yordi received a stuffed animal from friends today. Boys, who said she could have the stuffed animal "because it has a bow." I helped her with spelling, but the words are all hers from the heart...

I love you, everything, too!


Molly said...

That is precious. Definite progress!! Praise the Lord! It's fun watching them grow and flourish in your family. I know that you feel like you don't know what you're doing, but I'd say you're doing a GREAT job!! :)

Katherine said...

that's great!!! I love what they said!

Anonymous said...

That is about the sweetest thing I have read.

Anonymous said...

The thing I do is never lose your cool. If you get mad it just stresses them out more. No matter how bad it gets if you are calm they calm down faster and in time anger goes away and they talk more about what is bothering them patiences is a gift of love always take a breath before you say or do something you regret. Children read body language alot.

cuz jill in sd said...

SWEET! What an amazing letter to receive! (It brought tears to my eyes for you. . . )

The McEvil One said...

I'm just amazed on how far their English has come in such a short time!

Do they still speak in their native language from time to time?