Good News!

Praise God and pass the Glory Hallelujahs!

Finally, we have adoption news. We have received and accepted a referral for a 9 year old boy and his 6 year old sister. Their names are Habtamu (boy) and Yordanos (girl).

Here is the process as we understand it from this point on…
Our people (America World) will contact the Ethiopian agency to let them know we’ve accepted the referral.
Our power of attorney man in Ethiopia will start setting up court dates and get through most of that paperwork on our behalf.
We have a few documents to update (sigh) here.
When the court/paperwork things are done, we will work with the travel coordinator to obtain visas and schedule and book flights.

Once things start moving… they really go, go, go…


kelly said...

WOW! please post the pronunciation (if/when you know it!) How exciting!

your kids will be same gender and almost the same age as our oldest two - wow! that's just amazing. we'll have to get together and play. once you've adjusted and all... :o) I'll be praying for the four of you!

Katherine said...

I'm so happy for you!!!

Sarah said...

Chris and Lee,
Praise to God for answering prayers. I'm so happy for you, and to know the names of your children!

Anonymous said...

Wow indeed!

I missed your recent postings...incredible!

Prayers and joy--