For all the people who asked if anything was new since 3/7, and you received a vague answer from us... we apologize. We did have information, but could not share it because of confidentiality issues concerning minor children. But, OH, did we want to tell people.

3/7 Received call from AWAA regarding 2 children who were a little older than what we were looking for, but would we be interested in seeing a full referral? We did not think we'd be hearing anything so soon since our paperwork had only hit Ethiopia in December. We said sure, send us the info. There was not a lot of info, but enough that we wanted to see a full referral. There were pics attached, and dang, were they beautiful. They told us it would take 4 - 6 weeks to get the full referral.

3/26 We were home for Spring Break when we got the official referral call. We were in shock, since it had only been 3 weeks. We had a week to decide if we'd accept it. We contacted a Dr. who specialized in international adoption medicine, and sent him the docs we'd received.

4/7 We officially accepted the referral. We had lunch with Lee's folks that day, and then started making phone calls. The past few days have been a blur of phone calls, paper work, and, in general, feeling overwhelmed and "scarited". (which is a word coined by a co-worker for our situation: scared+excited.)

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