I forget.

Ok, all you ladies who have born your babies, and have claimed to have lost some brain cells.... it's not just the birthing of the babies that does it, because, holy cow... I am flittering around like a crazy person. Ok, part of it is nesting, big time, but I am not ALL THERE, if you know what I mean.

Maybe it is the overwhelmingness of motherhood. Like, who thought it was a good idea to put ME in charge of small people? I've taken "classes" so that I can be "certified" so that I can "raise children", yet I know when they get here, I'll be in over my head. Hats off to you all who have gone before and set good examples for me... I'm gonna need ya' later.


Katherine said...

I don't doubt you've lost some brain cells too! I think it's a combination of hormones (yes, even though you aren't going through a pregnancy, you are still having hormone issues!), sleep deprivation, worry of the unknown. And yeah, I frequently feel like, "I'm not grown up yet! Who thought I could take care of teeny little people and raise them right and teach them wisdom?!?!"

kelly said...

Well gee, suddenly 50% or more are taken up with new thoughts, new worries, new hopes, new questions that you've never really personally considered before. The other half of your brain cells are left to do ALL the work that your full brain used to do... AND make the connections to the new information. Can't think about groceries without thinking about changes in diet... can't return library books without wondering how often and when you and the kids will go to the library, probably can't even knit without wondering whether Habtamu or Yordanos will want to learn (or do they already know?)

and all this new information is ON TOP of the hormones, the sleep deprivation, etc. It really is overwhelming. I think God made it that way on purpose so we would turn to him (and to others as well) rather than relying on our own sinful, prideful have-it-together-ness.