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See here for a great description of our emotional state... it's toward the bottom. Lee has a way with words! And sound effects.


Jill Coen said...

Hi there! I saw your comment on the Waal's blog and came over for a visit. We just got through court with AW for our son and we are leaving in 12 days. Let me know if you would like for us to take some pictures of your children. It would be our honor. We are at http://thecoens.blogspot.com
jill :)
ps-do you know about the AW Yahoo group?

the Steiger's said...

Same here we just saw your post on the Waal's blog as well. We are another AWAA family. We were in Ethiopia picking up our daughter 3/14-3/22. We have pics of the kids in the transition home. We probably have some pics of your kids. Our blog is http://thesteigerclan.blogspot.com

Like Jill stated there is a AW Yahoo Group that is great. Many AW families have blogs.

The Steigers

Rob & Candy said...

Hi there, I saw your comment on Rachel's blog. Your daughter is beautiful. Congrats on your referral.
we are also adopting from ET via AWAA