We told church this morning about our children. Well, Lee did. I haven't had trouble telling anyone our news, but I was already on edge because of powerful music, so I started crying and couldn't speak, so Lee gave our news. There was applause, and not a dry eye in the place.

After the service, the hugging began. Then my friend Karen came up and said "The whole church wants to give you a shower/fund raiser." Just when I thought we couldn't be overwhelmed any further. We don't even know what to ask for yet.


Anonymous said...

Tremendous..loving hearing about all of this!



Sarah said...

When you do figure out what to ask for, will you circulate the list beyond your church please? Some of your out-of-town friends will want to shower you with love and gifts as well!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I can just see you in my mind's eye and I want to give you a big hug! I am so proud of you two, you have been through so much. I think I know a couple of little cousins who can help with some ideas of what a 6 year old girl "needs" :)
Here is a start:
a "razor" scooter and a helmet
cotton candy and gum
PJs with kittens on them
sidewalk chalk
silly putty and the funnies
lots of hugs
These few things should keep any little girl busily contented until approximately 10 a.m.
Now as far as the boy goes...
just stick with the helmet and hugs
although some spiderman band-aids may come in handy. As you know, I have not been blessed with boys, so I'm no authority on that part!
Luv ya,
Your Cuz