The Awesome Part

The awesome part about home schooling is this:

Just when I think I cannot possibly do this long term, cool stuff like this happens, and I realized how much they have learned. And I get proud, of them, of me. I taught them how to do this... pretty heady stuff.


Cuz Jill in SD said...

SWEET! I am so proud of you all- Chris you are AMAZING! Your blog says it all- just when you don't think you can do it any longer. . .you've found you've done it well. SO WORTH IT! Keep it up!

The Gillman Family said...

Chris and Lee

You all continue to amaze me. I have enjoyed watching your journey since we switched to the ET program. What a great job you are doing!!!

Kim (YG)

anna mcevilly said...

I love the drama at the end of each reading! We are so proud of you too!!!! Dont for get the value of these videos for the kids. Its good for readers to listen to them selves read on tape or video. maybe wait a few months and have them compare their current fluency to this one on tape. not that they will know the word fluency, but they might be able to make a comparison. keep working hard! they have grown and blossomed in amazing ways!

Katherine said...

Stuff like that frequently makes me almost want to cry. Seeing Kai and Noe reading, seeing them do math above their grade level, seeing them understand something. It's all great! It totally makes up for the days I want to throw in the towel. Keep up the good work! You are doing a great job, even if it sometimes seems so hard you can't do it!

Bethany Taylor said...

LOVE IT!!!! I'm trying to do lesson plans for when we have our kiddos home. We're using the same book I think. . . is it Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons?