It was bound to happen.

Our kids have been SO healthy this whole time. Seriously, aside from Habtamu's eye sties, there's been sniffles and that's it.

Finally, the other shoe has dropped. Habtamu has a fever of 102.9. He said his head hurt and he was shivering, so I took his temp. Yikes! I was hoping the maternal instinct would kick in and I'd know what to do, but I had a few "run around in a circle like a chicken with it's head cut off" moments before figuring it out.

I gave him acetaminophen and put him on the couch. I'm settling in for a long night of no sleep... Lee's going out for saltines, 7-up, and chicken noodle soup, and possibly a Coke for me.

Yordanos woke up with all the moaning, and moving him downstairs, so she's down on the other couch... afraid to sleep alone upstairs... rightfully so.

Habtamu is sleeping finally... I think. Whew. Pray for us, people. Thanks.


Katherine said...

gotcha! You know, you can always give me a call if you need to! You don't have to be the chicken!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you need to get the garbage pail ready? no fun...been there and feeling for you.

Yarnsmith said...

Yep. Just used the garbage bucket. (Check the time on this post...)