Christmas Day CatchUp

Christmas day we piled into my car, which normally fits four people just fine, and headed out to White Pines to meet up with the rest of my family. This was our first full family overnighter, so we hoped the kids would be fine, but you just never know. The thing we had going for us though, was that in general, the kids actually do better in close quarters with a bunch of people around.

Long story short (because if I give you the long version it'll neh-hever get posted) the kids did great. They received a cubic ton of stuff from their grandparents and their Aunt Carrie and Uncle Paul, and it was enough to keep them occupied for 4 days. Uncle Paul brought their wii but between the puzzles, the erector set, the pretty princess tea party, the food, and the StarWars marathon, it wasn't even missed.
The Haul

Habtamu carefully chooses his first victim.

Don't get too comfortable in that Tiara there, sunshine.

Umm, never mind. Put the tiara back on.

Habtamu gets Old School'ed by Activision's Pitfall2, and loves every minute of it.

Who you callin' Old Maid?

The High Court has spoken, this Christmas royally rules.

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