Bedtime Reassurances

Since day one, Yordi has wanted someone to look in her closet and check out the window before going to sleep. As a side note, with the snow, I have seen footprints left from feral cats outside her second floor window. Huh, maybe there really IS something outside when she gets spooked in the middle of the night. She used to be more insistent about checking under the bed too, but we kind of phased that one out by not letting our housecats upstairs at bedtime. Anyway, this was our conversation the other night:

"Daddy, check my closet please."

"Ok, Honey I'll check your closet."

"Daddy, check my window please."

"Ok, Honey I'll check your window."

"Daddy, check my butt please."

"Ok, Honey I'll check your... HEY!!!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Habtamu! Daddy check my butt yes!"

Sigh... I guess I'm destined to be the straight man for the next generation of Gardners too. Fantastic.


Katherine said...

I think I just peed on myself!

The McEvil One said...

Yordi: 1

Lee: 0

After working with Jim & Matt...I thought your pickup would be a bit quicker!!!

jill coen said...

They know when we're giving rote responses! :) ha ha

Did you say, "I'm not your check monkey!"?