Kickin' Butt and Takin' Names

As soon as Habtamu got into karate class 3 weeks ago, he asked how to get a yellow belt. I said "Oh, honey, I think that's going to take awhile." But he persisted and I asked the instructor. Turns out the yellow belt is the easy one. You have to know the kicks (front, side, round-house, back), 1 form (20 steps), 3 - 3 steps (block, block, disable opponent) ... and that's about it. Oh, AND you break a board with your foot. Wait? What?

So, Habtamu and I took the test tonight, and well, here's the scoop:

Here are the white belts hopeful that they'll leave yellow belts.

And here we are, significantly sweatier (in my case) and holding our broken boards. Yes, I broke a board with my foot and it was awesome.

And here we are with our new bling...

And if you think Habtamu looks like he's gaining on me, height-wise, you'd be right. Yikes. He's a good 3" taller than 7 months ago. And his voice is starting to crack. Help me, Lord, I'm not ready for an adolescent male... I was just getting used to the boy-child.


Katherine said...

congratulations! I was thinking of you! As for H getting older and starting the whole adolescent thing... Think of it as an opportunity to 'scope out' the territory for those of us who are scared to death of going through it with our own sons! Think of the wisdom you'll be able to share!

Lisa said...

That's awesome! Congrats to both of you!

Marlo said...

I have a twelve year old with a deep voice, hairy armpits, and a passion for electric guitars----and I LOVE it! He is so much fun. Don't dread it....enjoy it!

Sarah said...

Chris Gardner, I'll be nicer next time I see you, broke a board with your foot. You're not some namby pamby artist/knitter, are you?!?