Heart stopping action here at the Gardners today...

So, the kids were upstairs playing computer, and came down when I called. Huh. What are the chances?

Habtamu said that Yordanos had said a "bad word" upstairs. (We'd talked earlier today about how even if Mommy doesn't hear something, God still does.) So I entered into Mommy mode and said "Well, God already knows what you said, so you may as well tell me." Habtamu kept urging her to "Just tell her! Tell her! Tell her! God already knows."

Finally, Yordanos whispered it to me.

The bad thing she called Habtamu? "Bad boy."

Oh, the sweetness! If only that were the worst bad word they will ever hear.


Bethany said...

yeah, you should count your blessings on that one! Our daughter called her brother Satan the other day. Seriously! I'm pretty sure its the only bad word she knew how to say in English and she wanted me to hear it. UGH!

jur said...

I like the "God already knows so you might as well tell me" tack. I will try to keep that in mind for when mine decide to become duplicitous.

Anna McE said...

Great strategy! Love it!