Ethiopian Mamas

Here is Yordanos with good friend Madelyn, playing Ethiopian Mamas.

Have I mentioned how Yordanos loves babies? She helped take care of the babies at the orphanage and at the Transition Center in Ethiopia, and she can't resist babies here. She's got 2 baby dolls that she takes care of. She has showed me how she bathed them and diapered them.

She often says she wants a baby. I always counter with "Yes, you can have a baby, after you finish school, after you meet and marry a nice man." And I told her that in a few years, she can watch other people's babies at their houses and that they will give her money. "Ooooh, that's nice," she says. So, get you orders in now for the girl that's going to be the best babysitter EVER.


Windchimes said...

Do you want some practice NOW??? I can 'lend' you Sophia for a few hours each week! It would be fun!!!

jur said...

I'm all for the getting her hooked up with babysitting as soon as she's old enough (and borrowing friends' babies is a GREAT idea of a way to give her a chance to play at it without the high responsibility). How about having her go over to someone's house with a baby and let her play with them while mommy gets some other stuff done around the house?

jill coen said...

I'm sure Silas was one of her babies. :) Maybe someday she can babysit for me.

julieball said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Hope the two of you got some alone time to reminisce and celebrate!

christophertadhankins said...

Sept 19th, 2011. Can we have her on our anniversary? That would be great, thanks.
Glad you guys had some time to yourselves this weekend. I'll be it was fantastic.
Have a great week!