I love U2.

Sorry, Chris H. from church and Chris H. in China (if you read this). [Why do I know 2 Chris H.'s who love U2?!] This post is NOT about the band you both adore. I'm sure it's just you 2 who like them and not about a billion other people.

Neither of the kids says, "I love you," to us. They both say "I love you, too." Even if they're saying it 1st. I think it is because every time someone says "I love you," the response is "I love you, too." It's a call and response for us, but for them, it usually means they are being corrected.

If, for example, they say "I am put oning my bathing suit," I'll say, "Are you PUTTING ON your bathing suit?" [This is a common mistake they make... they turn prepositions into verbs... "I am "inning", "outing", "oning", "froming". It makes sense.]

I haven't had the heart to correct it, because it's pretty cute.

Yordanos has taken it to the next level, which is to plead, "Pleeeeeease? I love you, too." Pleeeeeese? I love you, too." (All while hugging me around the middle and looking up at me with those baby browns.) And I know I shouldn't encourage that, and I usually do not say yes to things like that, but I probably say yes enough that it seems effective to her. So sue me. At least I'm saying yes to things I would say yes to anyway. :)

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Anonymous said...

Tavi always says,"I love you more than you love me!" which has been shortened lately to just, " I love you more!"
I'm sure it is an affirmation and a challenge... easier to say than "I need you to show me love right now..."
Bless 'em!