Potty Humor

Yordanos' joke this morning in the Ladies' room at church:

Y: Knockknockwho'sthere?
Me: Um, who's there?
Y: Bathroom
Me: Bathroom who?
Y: Mommy in the Bathroom! HA HA HA HA
Me: Good one!

If you really are offended by poop, please do not read the following...

Knowing my son as I do, I thought he'd be interested in the following information. One morning I said "Hey, Habtamu!"

H: Yeah?
Me: I thought you'd want to know...
H: Yes? (continues coloring)
Me: This morning, when I pooped...
H: (now with his complete attention) Yes?
Me: It was THIS long (holding arms about a foot apart)
H: Really?
Me: Yep.
H: Really? THIS long (holding arms about a foot apart)
Me: Yep.
H: (nodding head) Cool.
Me: I thought you'd want to know.
H: (nodding) Yep, you are right.


Windchimes said...


Lisa said...

TMI - but it's no wonder you've been sick! Daily metamucil is in order!

Yarnsmith said...

I did warn you!

ABG said...

ha ha ha ha dying over here with laughter...Josh is also pretty proud of his poops, but then he's TWO!!!

Yarnsmith said...

Turns out, poop is HILARIOUS among the school age kids too. And farts. Especially among boys. So you've got YEARS of poop/fart humor ahead of you. :)

The McEvil One said...

Then H is going to find almost every Adam Sandler film comedic gold!!!

Lisa said...

I just had a memory of my nephews laughing hyterically at the old Ren and Stimpy cartoons where they are farting in the tub and the bubbles are everywhere. Quality entertainment for sure.

jur said...

And Lee hadn't already clued you in to the humor of poop? Oh dear. It seems to me he should have had a firm grasp on that!!!