Pronouns, Brand Recognition, and my daughter

One of our local 2 year olds has been toodling around asking about "McDanos."

"No Honey," his mother corrected him. "Her name is YORDanos. YOOOR-Danos, not Mc-Danos."

It's reported that he now requests to see "MyDanos."


Anna McE said...

that is so cute! dont forget "pronoun usage" in your title. lol

we have the picture that yordanos draw for us on halloween hanging by ryans crib. he was pointing to it and i said.. yordi made that for you. "yordi" he says. so now he says yordi when he points to it. ryan is almost 2 and doesnt know what mcdonalds is yet..thats a good thing.. i think.

Windchimes said...

Sophia calls her 'my Danos' too! Habtamu is 'Tamu'