Naked Time!

The other day, I told the kids "showers in the morning!" Of course I got the standard, "No." Of course I ignored this, since that is their response to everything I say. And, to their credit, they say "no," but actually do what I ask anyway.

Anyhow, Habtamu got up the next morning and showered right away. Yordi came downstairs, naked, of course, ready to bathe in my bathtub. She looked tired still. Lee had already gone to work and I was out of bed, so I asked her if she wanted to sleep in our bed for a little bit.

All this is to set the stage for what I walked in on later. Yordi had gotten up and was attempting to make our bed... still naked... and there was a white paw on a black cat arm taking swipes at her ankles when she got close to the bed. And she'd keep trying to make the bed and that cat would keep swiping.

Dana Carvey had a great skit about his kids and "Naked Time." Here it is for your enjoyment.

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