Finally figured out how to get a screen shot of this and post it. Don't ask... this laptop doesn't have a bunch of editing things I'm used to working with and I banged my head against the wall for an hour the LAST time I tried this.

Anyhoo, here is what I see from statcounter... this shows the location of everyone who visits our blog. I also know which internet browser (including version) you're using and what your screen resolution is. Ooooooh. In theory, this info would help me design a website that looked great on the screens of your most frequent visitors. I just find it fascinating... wow... lots of Firefox users... who's still using Internet Explorer 4?... Safari? Ah, yes, you Mac user, you...

Of course Illinois is well represented! At least the 10 mile radius around our family... I try to tell people at church about our day and the standard answer is "Oh, yes, I read that on your blog." That lone dot on the furthest north tip of the Upper Peninsula of MI is my parents. I can only assume that nobody actually LIVES in the western half of the U.S. ... Except... Big shout out to Karin in OR, who used to be the only dot on the West Coast.


kelly said...

hey, where's my dot?

oh, maybe it's because I generally only read the RSS feed? If so, you probably have twice as many friends and readers as you thought!

the other nice thing about those maps is for trip planning. It looks like you could make a great visit to Florida with visits every 2-3 hours, but if you ever want to drive to CA and not motel or tent it, you'll need to start cultivating some friends in the Rockies! ;o)

Don't tell me we're your ONLY friends who use Mac, your friends are much to cool to be ALL pc users... ;o)

Yarnsmith said...

Yeah, I wondered where your dot was. According to the stats... 12% of the people that read our blog use Macs.

Karin said...

Hey...I feel affirmed! I'll share my shout out with Mike, since he reads it as much as I do. :D

And I can honestly say there ARE more people than us living in the west...they just don't know what they're missing!

ABG said...

Ummm...what about lone little me out in the Shire?

Emily said...

A shout-out from an unrepresented corner of the country (Southern California)! I don't quite get how Google Reader works, but apparently it doesn't register as traffic.

Little ol' cousin Emily down here, learning about my cousins who are now parents, and my new second cousins!

Take care!

Kathryn said...

Hello from South Florida! I think that is our dot by Miami. :) I found your blog in the YG (we're WFR at the moment) and enjoy reading your updates.

Kathryn Clover