Scaried Update

We had a great night of sleeping last night. No wake ups, and the kids slept until 8.

Lee wants you all to know, for the record, that Yordanos did not take the Benadryl the other night.

Here's what we did leading up to last night. We talked about it several times during the day... about how we all need sleep, and what can we do to help you not be afraid? She said that having Habtamu use a lighter colored pillow case would help. No problem. Did that. Prayed together about peace and no bad dreams.

At one point after they were in bed, I knocked over a small table and it made a loud crash. I went to the bottom of the stairs and said in a normal speaking voice. "I'm sorry. That was me." Habtamu asked "Not a cat?" "Nope, I knocked a little table over." "Oh, ok."

Thanks to you all for you input. I know that sleeping issues can be tricky to decipher in an adopting situation. We haven't gotten the impression that her being scared is about adoption. (Of course, on some level it could be.) It seems to us like regular kid stuff and that we'd gotten into a pattern of her calling and us giving her a payoff. Both kids have often tried to prolong the bedtime ritual, etc... all the regular kid shenanigans. Not that we shouldn't show them we're there for them IF they really need us. Gah... it's so hard to know what to do.


Katherine said...

Hey, you're doing great! Middle of the night things are always hard to figure out. (especially when you're sleep deprived) On a separate note, did you see Yordi's picture in the paper? She's in the middle of the Boone County Weekly in the picture section. Very cute!

ABG said...

Amen to Katherine! Sounds like you went with your gut and it worked well.

Just keep reminding yourself that you are the expert on your particular kids and their particular needs and fears and struggles.

Way to go!

jur s. said...

It doesn't take kids long to figure out how to work the system. I *love* the solution to help her see her brother's head. (I also find the concern quite creative and imaginitive.)
Bedtime stalling is one of those things -- WTG in working on the solution.