One Goes Up, One Goes Down

Habtamu is a-ok today. Yordanos is trying very hard to be angry all day. Her attempts are totally different from H's. She doesn't do anything naughty, doesn't test any limits, just glares and speaks sharply. There is little defiance... if I ask her to do something, I get a glare, a mutter, and she does it anyway. I have no problem not being angry with her. I find it hard not to laugh when I'm able to distract her, and she forgets that she's trying to be angry, then remembers. She didn't want me to look at her handwriting. I brought out the thermometer to check her temperature to make sure she wasn't sick. She was immediately engaged, and we spent a happy 20 minutes taking all our temps.

We've noticed this about Habtamu before: the worse Yordanos acts, the better Habtamu acts. He becomes the devoted and helpful and loving son... the golden child. This helps Yordanos sink lower into the "Garbage" cycle. "Yordanos Garbage." "Yordanos Garbage for dinner." etc, etc, ad nauseum.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gardners~ Finally got caught up on my blog reading. Lee, it's REALLY tough to work when you have kids, even when they are older. There is never enough time for all the activities-- with work, church, dance classes (theirs, not mine), school, and other really fun stuff (like DUSA negotiation meetings!). Believe it or not, there are days that I don't even find time to read your blog. Shocking, I know! But, you just keep doing the best you can. I'm convinced that God is happy with our 'best', even when we feel it's woefully inadequate (which for me, is pretty often). I'm also convinced that our kids will survive in spite of us, and that somehow they know that we really ARE doing the best we can. Can't wait to see you all next Sunday at Wesley!!
Love and many blessings~
Sue Laude

Dustin, Nikki, Madison and Sage said...

Hey! Just wanted to stop in and encourage you after the past few days and remind you that we're praying for you.