Recently the children have wanted to offer their own prayers at bedtime when we pray together. Here are some of their prayers:

Thank you God, family together.

Thank you God, park playing.

Thank you God, food sharing and games sharing. (Today at Jim and Nikki's we had BBQ chicken and played Wii.)

Thank you God, good friends.

Thank you God, good day.

Thank you God, bike riding. (We visit friends once a week who live on a farm, and the kids ride bikes there.)

Thank you God, sunshine.

Thank you God, Grandma and Grandpa.

Thank you God, house and Daddy working.


It is so sweet to hear them pray. I tell them every night that God is SO happy when they talk to Him.


The McEvil One said...


ABG said...

I love that the "house" is still "working" and so is "daddy." Make sure to check his batteries... :)

jill coen said...

They are precious in His sight...