Triumphant Fall

I'm glad Chris has had the stamina to post, because although "How will the kids react to snow?" is the question of the year, those of you who have been following along have seen that they have really taken Fall in stride. From falling leaves (no, the trees aren't dying just sleeping) to football games (Blue and Orange GOODGUYS, holding facemask BAD) to the shortening of days (Bed time, no???) they've dealt with a midwestern fall fabulously. Apple picking, Corn mazes, cold monkey bars, Sunday School, tree climbing, choosing Halloween costumes... they've gotten a pretty good taste of Americana this season.

Living the American dream, however, has been taking it's toll on me. Carpooling an hour earlier than I'm used to, coming home and taking the "Evening Programming" shift with the children while trying to figure out where I can squeeze another $20 out of my paycheck, then having just enough energy to watch Heroes with one eye open before crashing. Lather, rinse, repeat. My single income friends with children have told me, "Congratulations, you're really one of us now." I guess this is the club I signed up for but I didn't know the membership dues would be so high. ;-)


Katherine said...

Well, the membership dues may be high, but the rewards are definitely worth it! You'll look back on this time and be so thankful that you did it!

The McEvil One said...

We're a double income & we're in the same boat...so don't beat yourself up too much. There are nights I'm lucky to see him before he goes to bed.

No one ever tells you about this side of parenting

ABG said...

I agree with Katherine, but MAN you're so right. I remember the first month we realized what single income meant (the month after the last paycheck from D's job...)