I am English... GOOD NIGHT!

Reading Chris's post about Taking out the Garbage reminded me about the latest round of English outbursts around our house. H, more than Y, is starting to experiment with "I am," and "You are." It's really interesting and exciting to hear him utilize those after three months of speaking of everyone in third person, even if some of the attempts miss the mark. My personal favorite came the other day when we were preparing to head out somewhere and he clearly stated, "I AM READY!" while heading toward the door. I swelled with parental pride knowing that surely in the next couple days he would be spouting the likes of Shakespeare. He then passed his sister in the bathroom and shouted, "YOU ARE TOILET!" Honestly I can't remember if I corrected him or if I was laughing too hard to get anything out.

Yordi continues to enjoy replacing words. Not that I'm counting my unhatched chickens or anything, but we're borrowing a children's guitar and I've shown them a couple chords. So I've taught the kids that when they are finished they are to say, "Thank you Belvidere! GOOD NIGHT!" and then put the guitar away. Needless to say, this in itself is absolutely hilarious. Between the heavy, and generally chordless strumming and the broken English, it's comedy gold. (I know you're jealous, don't you judge me...) But Y likes to take it a step further and replace "good night" with whatever noun flies through her head at the moment. So the other day she was coloring and sing-songing to herself, "Tankis you Belbideer, CHAIR! Tankis you Bildadeer, SIBBIE! (that's the cat) Tankis you Delbadeer, WASHCLOTH!"

I don't know when she learned 'washcloth' but it was definitely impressive, and priceless.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Kids are like sponges... don't forget, we have a Wii right here at our house...right here in Belbideer!!



The McEvil One said...

"You are toilet" priceless!!!!

I'll have to try that on the wife tonight!!! :)