Sorry! I don't want to Risk the Aggravation.

I'm cracking myself up, here.

In short, I hate board games. Maybe I had too many bad experiences with these particular games, but I just about broke out in hives when someone gave us Sorry! and Aggravation. Risk would have completed the tri-fecta.

I know that winning is not important. Ha ha, but it stinks to lose. If winning is not important, then why are all the games about it? How do I show my kids that ha ha, isn't this game fun even when all your pieces just got sent to start... again.

Cards and dominoes are fine even if I lose. Maybe I think the board games are skill based and cards are more chance? I don't know what the difference is. Or maybe I just have fond memories of playing cards up at my Grandparents' cottage. While eating bags full of candy.

Speaking of candy... my sock drawer has renewed it's candy corn subscription... all is well. :)


133Gardner said...

get a LIFE.

The McEvil One said...

then what does Monopoly do to you? Cold sweats? Achiness in joints?