Weather or Not

We had some cold days in September, and it rained for 3 days straight. After the rains, it got hot and muggy again. Yordanos started asking if we could go swimming, since the cold was finished. Um. She's made several other comments to the effect that it's warm again and she expects it to go on. Um.

We've tried to explain that It Will Get Colder and It Will Stay Cold for a Very Long Time until you are So Sick of It that You'll Start Wearing a Spring Jacket on March 22 By Golly even if it's Twenty Friggin' Degrees Out.

On the other hand, she seems to expect snow. She says "When the snowman comes" to refer to Winter. In short, there is no way they have any concept about what Winter will be like.

I'll be getting out my happy light soon. The loss of light really does me in. I think it'll be better this year since I'll be home and won't have to get up at stupid o'clock.


ABG said...

so yeah, um, chris and lee are you *like* obsessed with the weather? (snap my bubblegum). You seem *like* really, really anxious about winter and H & Y.

..go on being obsessed of course, I LOVE it and laugh my booty off every time you write about anticipating winter with H & Y.

Ali :)

Yarnsmith said...

Ha ha... yeah I guess we are obsessed. We get the question "Have they ever seen snow?" a LOT, though, so I think other people are anxious about it too! :) It really will be a hoot. I can't wait to see their reactions to that coldcoldcold that freezes your snot.

Sarah said...

Does the Happy Light really work for you? How do you use it? I'm thinking about one for myself as the days become shorter than the nights and hubby prepares to spend 2009 in Afghanistan.
We can start a support group for people obsessed with cold weather, sister. Our first frost was *last week*

Yarnsmith said...

The light works for me IF I use it every day. Then I start feeling better and think I can skip a day, then I think I can skip a week, etc... then I feel bad again.

I think it'll help this winter that I don't have to get up before the sun comes up.