Time to make the Donuts.

I wouldn't call myself the QUEEN of baked goods... I think my friend Katherine still holds that title... but I made donuts yesterday and today.

I'd like to think that the donut recipe I have was passed down for generations. I know at least it was passed from my mother to me. Where did you get that recipe, Mom? These aren't Krispy Kremes (which are too sweet for me - I know, blasphemy), but they are a nice sweet, cinnamon-y/nutmeg-y fall treat. Fried in oil. Is that why I feel greasy?

I had to make donuts today too, since I spent $6 for the veg oil, and I didn't want it to go to waste by only making one batch. Any idea how I can keep the oil so that it won't go bad?

I have to say that baking is simultaneously saving and increasing my heiny. I remember thinking that it was a waste of time for my Mom to have baked all our bread. Sorry! I was totally wrong about that... as I begin to understand the healing power of freshly baked goods. I've branched out into trying spelt flour, re-trying sour dough (I even made bagels - which you boil before baking. Huh.), and making donuts again. (I have made them before - maybe 2 times in 10 years of marriage.)

The kids helped me make the donuts today. I was leery of letting them BOTH help, but I laid down the law about "You Must Do Exactly What Mommy Says Or You Can't Help Anymore." (Yes, I spoke with the capital letters!) They did really well, but around the point of using the donut cutter, I saw that we'd have to pick up the pace to be finished in this millenia. I rolled out a bit a dough for each of them, then I did the rest. Below, by the way, is yesterday's haul. I made twice that much today.

We went to the apple orchard today. I'm a Loser for forgetting the camera. I had even meant to bring the GOOD camera because apples are so pretty, and the sky was bright blue. Dang it. I think we'll go back next week anyway, when the Honey Crisps come out. Today we picked Jona-Macs and Galas. Both delicious in their own way. There will be pie in the hiz-ouse tomorrow.... oh yes, THERE WILL BE PIE.

So now you know where to come for snacks. I'll even make coffee. We won't be able to actually TALK, of course, with the kids around, and my mind scattered to the four winds, but the food will be good. :)


Katherine said...

Yum, your donuts were seriously awesome! I had to totally limit myself to two. Thanks for calling me the 'queen of baked goods'! [warm fuzzy feeling].
see above link for re-using ideas. I re-used some oil that I was using to fry some smelly-ish Indian stuff and onions (tasted awesome though!). I only used it twice then threw it out.

Katherine said...

Oh, I want the recipe for those donuts too! (or is that the recipe you gave me way back? It might be...) I made a tart with peaches and apples today-one jar didn't work right during canning.

jill coen said...

on my way!

Karin said...

Oh man...wish I was on your side of the Mississippi or I'd be there! ;)

Megan said...

send some my way :)

Marion said...

I love coffee. I also love pie. And I am fond of donuts. Your friends that live there are lucky!

Jori said...

Coffee and dounuts ... who would have time to talk anyway!! :):)
love, jori

Susan said...

Where is the doughnut recipe!?? They look wonderful!


Sarah said...

Chris and Lee, you rock. Tag and donuts, the reality of human nature. I always read your blog to cheer myself up. Thanks for refreshing my spirit.

The McEvil One said...

We've known each other for about 8 years...so why is it NOW that I know about your secret donut recipe??? We share our cookies with you!!! Why are you holdng out on us???