Time for Art

Thanks to you all for your comments regarding my oven. I have successfully baked a few things since that fateful day, and they have come out fine. Maybe there were kitchen imps making trouble.

The kids have been producing copious amounts of art. They went through a 500 sheet pack of construction paper before I realized it. Then we had to have the talk about putting more than one little picture on each sheet, AND using the back. I tell ya, there are things related to children that I just do not expect, and assume that if I know about it, they will too. Turns out you have to TRAIN them, and TELL them, and SHOW them. Sheesh.... it's like they're CHILDREN or something. :)

I photographed some of my favorites for you...

We have been laughing about how Yordanos keeps saying "When the snowman comes..." to refer to winter. To us, it sounds like a Stephen King novel. "Lock your doors... when the snowman comes!" I think Yordi's drawing should be the cover... I'm not sure why she drew it this way... clearly this is a magical snowman who can levitate his broom.

We've been enjoying the Ed Emberley books. Anyone have a bunch we can borrow for a few years? Habtamu especially has enjoyed them. Here are some of his faces from the Face Book.

I LOVE that Yordanos does not go in for the traditional color choices. She a. doesn't know who Superman is, and b. doesn't seem concerned about skin color, in general. I'M not gonna tell her what colors things "should" be, when HER vision is so much more exciting.

This last week the children both began to draw "real life" situations. Here is Habtamu in his bed. The white square is the rug. I can see we'll have to work on perspective, but I love that he thought about it and drew it.

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Becky said...

Not only am I impressed with Yordi's English, but how well she is coming with her spelling. She also colors very well. Their drawings show they are seeing and remembering smaller details, like the littl emblem on the sides of the cars.