Latebreaking A to Latebreaking Q

Sean asks:
Do they understand things like Thanksgiving and/or Christmas???
Forget about THOSE holidays... how the heck do we explain Halloween? Well, since candy is involved, I'm sure they'll be OK with the costumes. :)

They DO have some concept of Christmas. They know it's in Winter, but what their concept of Winter is, I do not know. They know it's in December, but what kid ever truly understood that time dilation that occurs when Christmas seems like it will NEVER come? But, I can't imagine they have any concept of even a "modest" American Christmas.

Do they still talk/ask about the adoption village they used to be at???
They do talk about Ethiopia. As they learn more English, more stories are coming out about their time with their parents and the time after in the orphanage and at the transition center. We encourage these stories and ask questions to make sure they know that it is absolutely ok to talk about those things. We've had good conversations out of these stories and I think they know that it is ok to love people and things in Ethiopia and in America. That's our goal anyway.

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