Breakin' Boards and Takin' Names

Habtamu and I got our blue belts in Karate earlier this month. We got to break boards with a palm heel strike this time! Lee was on hand to take some pics.

Here's Habtamu not warming up or stretching because he "doesn't need to." I'm sure you can see my issue with this. I'll have the black belts tell him how important it is, since he has yet to listen to my lengthy discourses on the subject... or my "just do it" statements. His response: shrug, eyeroll.

Habtamu and I conferring about how awesome we are.

Here's Habtamu holding his own with a blue belt. He comes alive in sparring, but only with boys and men. I am grateful for that, except that these ladies (and I) can take it. If we spar, he lets me back him into a corner and doesn't want to fight me. Again, grateful. And yet, c'mon kid, put some energy into it.

I spar ok against this kid, as he's one of the ones that drops his guard. He always starts by taking it easy on me, then realizes that he doesn't have to. Thankfully, I did not have to spar with the guy on the right: he was going for his brown belt (2 away from black), and you can see that I would have been toast. The boy on the left with the red gloves is the one whose shin broke my pinkie finger awhile back. He's a very nice kid, and I hold no grudge against him or his shin. I do begrudge my age which ensures that any injuries I get from now on will continue to hurt to some extent. My pinkie is much better, but, like the wrist that I sprained a few years ago, will never be the same again.

This is Master Burris breaking cement pavers. It was very exciting, and you can see Habtamu squealing in the background. :)

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Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

I just explained to Alannah that Master Burris was breaking cement pavers with his bare hands, and how hard that would be if he didn't know what he was doing she said,"That's good, maybe he can make some side-walks then."

Barley ;)