Guessing Game

Can you guess what we did last week from this clip? Obviously, it left a huge impression on the children.


Maybe this video will clear it up for you...


Also, here are some pics that show the fun we'd been missing in our lives B.C. (Before Children.)


Becky said...

My guess is the finalization of the kids adoption. Congratulations.

jur said...

I think Lee was right, you were being sabotaged. And he didn't help much either, did he?????
The way your kids gave exactly the wrong answer is pretty much what Mark does when I try to get him to "perform"...
Congrats on your big day. :)

kangaj1 said...

Congrats, friends! Your children CRACK ME UP!!! We need to get together again!

Nicola said...

Oooo...Congratulations!! Yay!

On a side note: Chris, I saw this and thought of you. Enjoy!


Much love,
Nicola :D

jill coen said...

At first I thought you had all watched American Idol because of Yordanos with the ice cream cone...looked like she was singing. Then I realized it was re-adoption day! Congrats!!!