A Testimony to the Pettiness of my Spirit

I get really P.O.'d when one of the children is in the 1st floor bathroom and I want to use it. I consider it MY bathroom since it is connected to our bedroom. If I have to go upstairs to use the bathroom, I am further aggravated, because I feel THEY should have to be the ones to go upstairs... not me.

Why do I feel entitled to have exclusive rights to the 1st floor bathroom? Should I not be grateful that we have 2 bathrooms? Yes, indeed, my friends.

Hence, my pettiness. I am working on it.

On a totally unrelated note: last night I dreamt that I was at a Star Wars Convention, but there was no Star Wars paraphenalia. Bummer.


Karin said...

Hm...I'd be instituting a "kids upstairs" rule ASAP (we did!). Besides...it'll keep the downstairs one neater for company. I so get you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Karin--kids don't need to use everything in the house. Some things can be kept just for adult use.

Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

Or just pretend you don't have first floor bathroom (like in our house) and then you'll be pleasantly surprised if it's available. ;p tee hee Maybe, we'll get that first floor bathroom added on one day.

Love ya!
Nicola ;)