Mmmm... Chocolate

Y: Mommy? I want ferenge [foreign, white] skin.
Me: Really? Why?
Y: So pretty, and yellow hair.
Me: I like YOUR skin.
Y: Really? It's pretty?
Me: Oh, yes! And, honey, you watch the ferenge people this summer.
Y: Why?
Me: They will all be sitting in the sun trying to make their skin dark.
Y: Really? They want skin like mine?
Me: Yep.

I think Yordanos has the most beautiful color skin. I kissed her neck the other day and she said, "Why you do that?" I said, "Because it's such a pretty neck." She said, "Does it taste like chocolate? Hee hee... my chocolate neck." I said, "Yes! And I'm going to nibble on it again..."


Nicola said...

I love nibbling Alannah's little neck too. Nibble and smooch. :)


Windchimes said...

yup. Little kids taste good.