She who will not be ignored, and The Patsy

This is Sibbie. She is our first, our oldest, and our lone female. The neighbor who found her had originally named her Sassy, but that was way too literal and certainly not for our new little kitten. So instead we named her after this totally obscure reference. See, how totally cool and clever we are!? Sassy; however, would have been an entirely more appropriate name.

I would call her the 'cattiest' of our 4 cats. She hates change and is quite content with you minding your own business. She has loudly protested and begrudgingly permitted the presence of all the other cats and children, only after accepting the fact that they aren't leaving. Affection is doled out completely on her terms. She will sit on your lap when she wants for as long as she wants and will nudge your arm if you stop petting her.

She's just starting to tolerate Yordi. I suspect that's only because Yordi has a core temperature of about 600 degrees and Sibbie knows a good warming pad when she sees it.

Momo (let the record show his name was not my choice) however, is a cat of the children. Last fall the kids saw him sniffing around the front porch so, you know, they just opened the door and he came in and never left. Much to the relief of the other cats, he lets himself be manhandled by the kids which takes the pressure off the rest of them. He's very curious and playful, but also a little off his teeny kitty rocker. I suspect whoever left him out on the street got tired of his midnight runs, playful nipping, and other antics. Fortunately our kids are always looking for a good distraction.

The thing that cracks me up about Momo is that he doesn't seem to have a built-in suspension system like other cats. He's a loud, hard jumper and thumps around like he's got a flat tire when he trots from room to room.

So there you have it, Chris has a cat, I have a cat, the kids have a cat, and Sibbie just puts up with all of us in her house. I really didn't want this blog to be overrun by cats, but I guess since the house is, it's kind of appropriate. My apologies to all the dog people out there who have suffered through reading this. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans tomorrow.

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