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Here's Yordi getting ready for prom.

As you can see, Habtamu has really been taking full advantage of our YMCA membership.

It's unbelievable how quickly kids grow up these days. Sigh... it seems like less than a year ago when we picked them up from Ethiopia.

April Fools! I know, I know, I fooled you all.

Back on planet Earth... Habtamu and I were loafing around the other day, and he started grousing because I told him that he had reached his TV limit. He needed to go exercise his body or his mind and I got the usual, "There's nothing to do and life is hardly worth living without TV" script read to me in return. I told him if he didn't find something to do, I'd put his head on a cat.

That stopped him in his tracks, and the best part was that I played it so straight, he couldn't tell what the heck I was talking about. He then told me that I couldn't because God wouldn't like it.

So I dragged him over to the computer and introduced him to the wonderful world of Photoshop, or more specifically, Gimp, a free photo editor. I pulled up one picture of him and one of our cats, selected his head, cut, paste and voila, we had the quickest, dirtiest Photoshop hack job in the universe. It was so bad it's not even worth posting, but he got the idea and so I pasted his head on several other pictures just for grins.

When Yordi came home, she didn't have the advantage of seeing the process unfold. She had to piece it together what had been going on that afternoon from her brother's excited description and a picture with her head on a mutt. Fortunately she really likes the yellow dress in the above picture and that got Daddy out of the doghouse. She keeps asking to see it and comments on the accessories every time.

The picture may be pure fabrication, but I may have created a very real monster...

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Paul and Holly West said...

HILARIOUS! You guys crack me up!!!!