Love My Cat, Love Me?

This is Murray. He is truly the best cat we have ever known. We found him at a shelter. He was scrawny and sick. Lee held him in a football hold, and Murray looked up at him and started purring and kneading his arm.

He was very sick when we got him... sicker than we knew. He was very weak, and the vet said we had to decide if we were going to keep him or get a different cat. (The shelter gave a 72 hour guarantee.) Well, we'd already named him, and the PURRING and KNEADING and he was neutered.

He spent the night at the vet and seemed to have turned a corner. He got stronger every day. Then we noticed he was trying to, well, have relations with our female (spayed already) cat. She was (and is) a MOOSE, and he was no match physically for her, so she'd stand up and walk away. Turns out he wasn't neutered... probably so dehydrated and sick that his body didn't see a need to make his fuzzy peas visible.

We love this cat. The kids love this cat. He has never hissed at them... he lets them pet him usually and he purrs in their general direction. Both kids say "Aw, sweetie-cat! Look Mommy, he's _________ing. Awwwww."

Both kids have asked me if I should die, who will get Murray. Um. And Yordanos has said that when she is grown and moves out, she's taking him with her. I told her over my dead body.


Megan said...

I love Murray

Yarnsmith said...

Except for the throwing up, I'd say he's pretty much perfect. Although, we now have 2 vomit eating cats, so that has helped us not even know how much he is throwing up... except when it's on our bed.

Jennifer Hahn said...

Great picture of Murray! Horrible mental image of vomit-eating cats now, though thanks to your comment. I have one of those as well, and I always say it's just to remind me that they are NOT people.

The McEvil One said...

You call it 'vomit eating', they call it 'recycling'

Nicola said...

A note from Alannah: "Excuse me Chris and Lee, your cat Murray is really fuzzy. Aaaand I love your cat Murray."

Also, she names most toy cats Murray, regardless of color although it's a sure bonus if the cat looks like him too. ;)

Much love,
Nicola :)