I often say, "Just relax," throughout the day. It's not as calming as you might think to hear it parroted back to me on the lips of my children.

Our church has a babysitting co-op set up, wherein we each start with a certain number of poker chips and trade them and our children around. It's really an awesome system, and I used some of my chips today to go get a massage.

I just returned from the Y to retrieve a forgotten watch. We were just sitting around and Yordanos suddenly burst out crying. We all looked at her, completely flummoxed. Finally got out of her that she'd left her watch at the Y after swimming. She's also previously forgotten goggles and her bathing suit. I advocated mercy, because I remember feeling bad about stuff like that when I was young, and I didn't want to add to her bad feelings. She thanked me for going back to get it for her, and I told her not to take it to the Y anymore. She said "Yes, you are right." Good humor restored.

Anyway, the massage. Or should I say Massaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahge. The masseuse figured out which muscle I pulled. It's this one, and now I'll work to relax and then strengthen them. I know when I hurt it too. Here's a true moment... you all seem to like those. I did situps for the 1st time on the angled board, where your head is lower than your feet. Well, there was a teen from church there, and I MAY HAVE done more than I should have to not look wimpy. I know, I know. I shouldn't have to try to prove anything. I can learn from my mistakes however, and my aching psoas is now a constant reminder to flippin' act my age.

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