Earth Day Review

My friend Katherine and I have started swapping kids one morning a week for school. I had the other kids and mine for Earth Day yesterday. (Completely disregarding the fact that it was my Mom's birthday as well. Sorry, Mom! Happy B"earth"day. Ha ha.)

I decided to do a unit on Recycling. I had the kids watch a short video about Earth Day and how it started. Then we sorted ours and Katherine's recycling. Then we went to the recycling center. It's a big scary, muddy place. Right next to the household recycling center is the recycling place for big items. Habtamu wanted to go look, so we asked a guy and he said we could look but to stay in a certain place. We looked at the piles of refrigerators and piles of big metal things, and I was fascinated. The children were not excited by it, and were dinking around. (Lee said I should have feigned disinterest so they would be excited.)

Then I realized we were standing on a truck scale. Altogether we weighed 400 pounds. It would register us one at a time for Habtamu and me, but nothing for the littler kids. Actually, I'm pretty sure Noe doesn't weight anything. Little wisp of a thing. :)

Then back home for a craft (we made wax earths out of a shredded candle and shredded crayons - melted with an iron), and a video about garbage and what happens to it. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE people!

After all the wonderful planning on my part, THIS was the best part of Yordanos' day. (And possibly mine!) She could not figure out how I was pulling my finger off.

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Windchimes said...

Thanks again!!! I had a great time with Sophia! Hey, do you know where I can get some white carnations? I need them for next week...