Catching up... Easter Pics

Uncle Paul and Aunt Carrie set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. Aren't they cute? They are about to be hit with a Life Bomb: their 1st baby will be born in June.

Unable to find any eggs in the 1st 10 seconds, Habtamu has kittens.

After a brief conference with Uncle Paul, Habtamu rallies, considers his options, and starts finding eggs.

Yordanos, not finding any eggs right away, continues to search and point out her brother's eggs contrary to instructions. But she's just so pretty in her Easter dress, that it's hard to be mad.

Coloring eggs at Grandma's.
I've been pretty bad about doing things like this for holidays. Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's day passed with nary a comment from me. Any crafts they did on the subject were from church. (In their "Knick Knacks for Jesus" class.) So, yay, Grandma for keeping the traditions alive. :)


Mr Lee said...
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Windchimes said...

My kids LOVE dying Easter eggs with Grandma! (Ok, I do too!)