Childish: Me or the children?

Conversation from this morning...

Y: Why you all the Peeps eat?
Me: Why were you digging in the garbage?
H: Not digging... just gum throwing away.
Me: Gum? It's 7 a.m.
Y: You said SHARE the Peeps.
Me: No... YOU said share the Peeps... I said they are mine. You ate all your Easter candy. This was mine.
Y: You not tell the truth. You said share the Peeps. Why you eat all the Peeps?!
Me: They were MINE.
Y: We share candy with you.
Me: Um, yeah, that one bite of the one chocolate bunny. You had about 6 bunnies. Anyway, the Peeps are gone now.
Y: You not tell the truth. You said share.
Me: I never said I would share the Peeps and they are GONE NOW.
H: You eat all last night? All five?
Me: Yes.
Y: You said you were full.
Me: This was after you were in bed.
Y: You not tell the truth. (grumble, grumble) You said share.
Me: (ARGH!)


Windchimes said...

The trick is to thoroughly bury the peep package. Perhaps in a garbage can in the garage. Or in your neighbor's garbage can. It's much easier if you DON'T get caught, even if it's after the fact... I think you can perhaps burn the peeps package on your driveway too, leaving just a curious black smudge that no one would know had once housed glorious peeps... see, I've had lots of experience with this sort of thing!

jur said...

I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortunte, but that was very funny. I'm glad you share these things for all of us. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you blame them? You didn't share the Peeps? You ate them all? They have only been here 10 months and they are already in the know about Peeps... I love that!


The McEvil One said...

Chris, it's called 'burning the evidence'...

jill coen said...

No one should get between a Momma and her Peeps. I would have been childish enough to swipe the chocolate bunnies. :0) Besides, now they have Peeps for EVERY season..

Nicola said...

I know you love peeps Chris, their cute little colorfully squishy sweet selves. I keep trying them on occasion, but the texture always gets me. However, if you were to leave an Easter basket with a shortbread bunny cookie, and some dark chocolate mini-eggs lying around, well... ;)

That's just bound to be one of the many things our kids tease us for when their adults. Ahhh...sweet memories (to come) pun fully intended.

Love ya!